Lie #9 -- You have to have a flashy site.

Lie #9: To be successful, you must have Flash animations, amazing graphics and professionally written copy.

Truism #9: Most people search the web to find information. A flashy site might grab their attention – but they’ll stay only for the content, and how it’s presented. Note: overly flashy sites, patterned backgrounds, hard to distinguish text and distracting cursers that leave a “mouse trail” will turn away most savvy users – no matter how great your content may be.

Having said that – have someone create a knock out logo or banner for your site; include a small Flash demonstration of your product and hire a writer to create a killer sales letter. All good things – but not 100% necessary to your success.

By the way – search engines do NOT read graphics or animations. Always ensure that information is also available as plain text!

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