Lie #10 -- It's easy to sell on the web!

Lie #10: It’s easy to sell on the web!

Truism #10: Well…it depends on what you’re selling. If you’re selling a VERY specialized product to a niche market - and you utilize very specific SEM and SEO techniques – and a killer sales letter – your online sales will take off. Niche marketing was made for online sales – and vice versa.

However, if you are a local business (like a book store), selling online is NOT practical. You can’t match the big boys (in this case, Amazon) prices, selections, shipping cost, etc. So don’t try. Your website will not be a shopping cart - your website will offer information, support, and a place for like-minded folks to connect. For a bookstore, maybe you’ll offer an online book club, with forums to discuss the latest best seller. Perhaps you’ll highlight local authors with book signings and other incentives to get folks into your store. Maybe you’ll offer a chat room where you answer questions about ….almost anything. The more you let go of traditional approaches and try creative ways to grab your customer’s interest – the more your website and your business will take off!

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