Layout Options

There are an incredible number of permutations for the layout of your website.  We will take care of the heavy lifting for you, but if you are interested the options, here are some of them for you to look at.

Each image shows one or two features that can be moved, turned off/on or otherwise tweaked.  When you mix and match, the possiblities are, nearly, endless.

There are 30 different areas available for content on your website, it is possible to vary what shows in which area, literally on every page of your website.  Of course, that would be overkill and would, probably, frustrate your users, but the flexibility is there to have different sections of your site look different.

The page is broken up into 7 major areas:

  1. Site-Wide Header Region
  2. Left Sidebar Region (See Sidebar Regions Below)
  3. Right Sidebar Region (See Sidebar Regions Below)
  4. Content Header Region (See Triplet Regions Below)
  5. Main Content Region
  6. Content Footer Region (See Triplet Regions Below)
  7. Site-Wide Footer Region (See Triplet Regions Below)





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