Let's Hear it for Home Businesses!

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Cyndi Paxton Johnson: Mid-Shore Life & Johnsons' Consulting, LLCCyndi Paxton Johnson: Mid-Shore Life & Johnsons' Consulting, LLC

How many of us have dreamed of having our own business? We're not looking to go head to head with Donald Trump, we simply want to support ourselves, our dreams and our families by utilizing our skills and talents. Maybe we want to work from home - taking on a few select clients while raising our children. Some of us may actually have to go into an office to work - but we still are on our own - we're independent businesspeople.

It's scary on your own. You know you're supposed to contract out for services outside your area of expertise - but consulting firms seem to be geared to larger businesses - who can afford larger price tags. Your small businesses don't require a team of engineers or security clearances. How do you find the services you need to grow - at prices you can afford?

You work with other small/home businesses. These are the folks that understand your needs, your goals and your financial restrictions. Look in community papers and websites, get word of mouth referrals from others like yourself, and simply ask around. The larger organizations are busy trying to land government contracts and serve larger businesses - find someone who specializes in small/independent and home businesses!

For websites - I certainly recommend you drop Johnsons' Consulting a line. We aren't the warehouse host companies that expect you to design and develop your own site from scratch - nor are we the custom website designers that end up costing your thousands of dollars to get your own online presence. We offer a very different, yet very valuable product. And we prefer to work with independent business people - helping them grow and achieve their dreams.

Johnsons' Consulting provides modular, interactive websites that allow you to communicate with your customers - hourly if you wish - at the same low monthly fee. Our websites begin at $25 per month, with an average start-up cost of $150. That's with you developing the text and deciding the details up front. We can do all that, but you'll end up with a higher up-front cost. (but it will STILL be less than our competitor's charge for similar services!).

What's so great about modular, interactive websites? EVERYTHING! No more static home pages, with customers reading - and re-reading - the same old sales pitch. Instead, you can chat with your customers as frequently as you wish - telling them about a last minute sale, sharing information about a new product, or simply sharing a new joke. You can also have the necessary static pages - a contact form, FAQ, About Us, Product descriptions, etc.

Go check out our sister site, http://www.MidShoreLife.com, to see a working example of the power of our interactive websites! The site offers multiple bloggers, tons of categories, picture galleries, forums, an events calender (with events color-coded by county), a side bar showing detailed information for the next six upcoming events, and more!

Interactive websites allow you to be proactive with your customers. You use the many features of your website to build long-term relationships. In return, your customers get accustomed to looking to you for information and answers - and they'll turn to you when they're ready to spend money.

We - and you - are actual small businesses. We have the time and dedication to work individually with our clients - doing our best to help them succeed.

Because really, by working together to help each other succeed - we all succeed.

And that's a dream come true.

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